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10 Years in Business - How Will You Leave A Mark on This World - What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

10 Years in Business...
How Will You Leave 
A Mark On This World?
What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Dec. 15, 2015

by CathyHarrisSpeaks.com,  Syndicated Columnist

This year I was so busy that I did not even take time out to celebrate being in business for 10 years or my 10 year anniversary with my company -- so I will do it with this e-newsletter.  
There is nothing like having your own empowerment company and writing a series of 'easy-to-read' books for your waiting audience.

If I had to walk away from this world tomorrow, then I would have left my mark on it - my legacy - which was simply to empower others and I chose to do that through my writings.

I was a good student in school and excelled in English and this is why I am a writer today.   

When I was in the seventh grade, schools in the South were desegregated. 

In my senior class, there were 87 students and only 12 of us were African Americans so you can see the dynamics and makeup of my school coming up.
At one point in school, when I was in the 11th grade, I was the 1st runner up for homecoming queen.  I knew deep in my heart I actually won this honor, but I grew up in a time where they could not award this honor to me.

I always tried to be kind and treat others fair because like Maya Angelou said "people won't remember what you said to them but they will remember how you made them feel."

I knew from the time I left home at the ripe age of 17, after finishing high school, that I had a great love for people.  

Even after being labeled the family's black sheepand growing up in a big family with 8 siblings, I enjoyed being around people but now as a writer, I also love my solitude.   

I knew my journey would not be an easy one but at the same time, I knew it would be a rewarding one.  By the time I thought about retirement in 2005, I had already released my first book in 2001

I already knew I wanted to start my own publishing company, which eventually became an empowerment company.  

When I initially started the company, 10 years ago, I wanted to create a line of 'easy-to-read' books but back then technology made it harder.

As technology became much easier over the years, I was able to make this dream come true and now I have released 22 'easy-to-read' non-fiction books. 

What you need to remember is that dreams are not born out of laziness or procrastination but yet dreams are given to those who work hard and keep their eyes on the prize.  

In this e-newsletter, I present to you my real life's work - my own line of 'easy-to-read' empowerment books for the entire family.  Enjoy!!! 

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