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Happy Mother's Day - May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day
Sunday, May 13, 2018  

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You are doing something right when people can't tell which one is the mother.
Gorgeous Young'uns

Black Pregnant Women 
are Beautiful
But it doesn't make sense today to carry children for 9 months, then feed them GMO poison. Did you know that by the year 2032, 80% of all boys, especially black boys, will have autism - a disease that affects mostly male children...because:
1. Their mothers fed them a GMO diet.
2. They lived in a toxic GMO environment in their homes (used toxic body products, smelled toxic cleaning products, etc.)
3. Mothers refusal to eat good, clean, organic foods when pregnant.
4. Mandatory vaccination laws being passed today all over the country.
You have two choices to stop this:
 1) Get involved, or
 2) Get ready for a "Mentally Challenged World" or "Mentally Retarded Nation." 


Mothers Must Multi-task

The Only Way You Will 
Truly Be Able To Take Control 
of Your Health is to 
from Head to Toe
Start Transitioning Today... 

Get Your Self Esteem Back 
by Growing Your Hair Back 
at Any Age
A woman's self-esteem is closely associated
with her hair so grow your hair back today.
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Sisters you don't have to wear these wigs.
Learn how to grow your hair back 
at any age.
Perms causes uterine fibroids, early puberty in young girls, cancer, obesity, depression, etc.


Teach Your Children How To Be Proud of Their Blackness
Sure this doll is cute but somewhere down the line we all need to transition back to 
where we used to be.  Stop buying your children dolls with straight permed hair.
Buy black dolls with natural hair. 
Readers Are Also Leaders...
Teach Your Children To Be 
Kings and Queens 
Respect and having good manners starts at home - along with learning to read and write. So stop putting your children's lives in the care of people that don't really care about them.

Teach Your Children to Love What They See in The Mirror and You Love What You See in the Mirror 
Remember that foods affects everything that you do, how you do it and how you feel doing it so gain access to good, clean, organic foods. 

Learn to Love Yourself In Any Size. However, Work on Getting Your Waistline Down to
35 Inches or Smaller
The black community is the only community that glorifies being overweight. We need to cut that out! Most people in this country die from organ failure. Most of your organs are located around your middle so it's important not  to have too much fat around your middle...
Too much fat around the mid-section squeezes your organs...and will put you at risk for Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer, Organ Failure, etc.


Congrats to these Sistars...
for Shaping Up



Are You Choosing Hair 
Over Exercising?
Are you choosing not to exercise because of your hairstyle? You are setting yourself up for failure because the human body is not
meant to stay still.

Are You Choosing Clothes
Before Your Health?
Are you putting clothes before buying organic foods? I get it Sistars, every woman wants to look good, but if you have a closet full of expensive clothes and are going through depression because of your unhealthy diet --what's the point? Shop down and buy good, clean, organic healthy foods first --
or grow these foods yourself.

Other communities go to thrift and resale shops but not the black community...
because we want to look good -- while we are
crying inside. 

More Mothers
When You Learn to Love All Things - You Would Have Truly Arrived...


How To Raise Smart, Talented 
and Responsible Children: 
Dream Big Dreams

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Family Is Not Always About Blood
Chapter 2: Stop Making Excuses As a Single Mom
Chapter 3: Give Your Children Love and Teach Them Discipline at Home
Chapter 4: Teach Your Children to Read and Write
Chapter 5: By Age 10 Your Children's Talents Will Come Shining Through
Chapter 6: What is the Purpose of Schools?
Chapter 7: Set Up Legal Defense Funds To Help Your Children With the Police
Chapter 8: Prepare Your Children for College Early On
Chapter 9: What Parents Need to Know About Workplaces Today
Chapter 10: Let's Redefine the Game of Business Ownership
Chapter 11: Top Business Myths and Mistakes
Chapter 12: Top 12 Questions To Ask Before Joining Any Business Groups


I will call this book my little big book. It is filled with tons of information to help any average aspiring Mother, Father or youth take a hold of their own lives.

It is dedicated to my two lovely daughters who were the true teachers in my own life. Both of you have made me very, very proud. Keep up the good work - ladies.

Preface - A Note to the Reader

Even though my childhood could be described as underprivileged, I always felt rich because of the upbringing and values instilled in me as a child.

I have had many obstacles in my life but being a mother has never been one of them. I knew from a very early age that I did want to have kids one day so from a very early age, I mentally prepared myself to be in a position to raise smart, talented and responsible children.

I did this simply by just paying attention to what was happening around me. After high school and after joining the U.S. Military, I meet and fell in love with another soldier and we were married.

But our union only lasted 7 years, however, out of our union, we had 2 lovely, adorable and incredible daughters. By the time I met my husband, I knew what I had to do.

First of all I had to put my health first because I realized early on, that a mother's health, whether it's good or bad, can be passed on to her newborn so I have always engaged in a good regular health routine -- in order to give my children the best chance they had of being born healthy.

You should always put your kids first because they are the movie stars in your lives and it's your job to nurture them so that they can grow up into responsible human beings.

As heads of the household and primary caregivers, it's up to many parents today, especially single mothers, to guide and mold their children into successful members of society.

I think I did a brilliant job of that. Both my daughters received Master's Degrees and they also became business owners in their early 20s.

I had to work through many difficulties and issues in my life but I count my blessings every day to see my family, my two daughters, bloom into the type of ethical and strong women that I could be proud of.

I taught my daughters to show gratitude and count their blessings - while they celebrate even the small victories in their lives.

Chapter 5: By Age 10 Your Children's Talents Will Come Shining Through

By the time a child reaches 10 years of age, their talents will be shining through. I saw at least 8 different skills and talents in my daughters as they grew up.

However, the things that they were most interested in, is the direction I pushed them into. So from a very early age, I helped my daughters design a life that they could truly love.

My oldest never made below a 95 in science so I knew from the very beginning, that she would end up in the medical field so today she is an occupational therapist.

She was an extrovert and very outgoing, which meant she needed friends around her so she became a cheerleader for 10 years.

My youngest was an introvert and did better by herself. Like me, she had a handful of friends and became a bookworm, which meant studies were very important to her.

Once I bought her a computer at 10 years of age, she would disappear in her room writing for hours and eventually won several writing awards for her poems and short stories. So today she is a Creative Writer and English Instructor/Professor.

Whatever area your children are excelling in, you need to push them into that direction so they can grow up in those careers and be happy.

Both of my daughters, unlike the 80% of undergraduates and graduates today, are still working in their fields.

Because I worked with my daughters early on to really figure out which direction they needed to go in, they both ended up picking the right careers.  Today half of all college students are still relying on their parents for support 2 years after graduating college.

By the time children turn 17 or 18 years old, and is preparing to leave home, if you have not instilled a certain value system and principle in them, then it's already too late.

By the time my daughters turned 18, they were handling many situations on their own. Over the years, when my daughters needed to figure things out, I would tell them to do a PROS and CONS list -- and if they had more pros than cons, then maybe they should do what they were thinking about doing.

So I taught my daughters from very early on how to think logically and figure things out on their own.
Now Available As an E-book and Paperback

Now Available As Paperback:  

Book Trailer - How To Raise Smart, Talented and Responsible Children
Book Trailer - How To Raise Smart, Talented and Responsible Children

Let's Bring Back Old Family Values and Start Getting
Married Again

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Available as e-book and paperback 
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Let's Take Care of 
Each Other ... Adopt...or
Become Foster Parents
Not Everyone Is Meant 
To Carry A Child... 
It's no longer about blood -- 
but LOVE
Whatever Happened 
to Grandma?

Now I see why these kids today are so disrespectful. Look at what Grandma has become!!! Respect starts at home!!! Remember when Grandma's house used to be where you learned all the positive things that your mother left out.  

She took you to church, prayed for you and told your mother what to do when you were sick. She did what she could to make sure you turned out to be a good, productive, 
member  of society.  
Let's Bring Back This Grandma!!!
5 Things Grandmothers or
Foster Grandparents Can Do to 
Save Black Families:
  1. Start a "Grandmother's Brigade" in your city and challenge issues that affects the black family.
  2. Show up in your families' lives again. It's important to leave this world the same way you came in it -- with dignity and respect, so surround yourself with people that truly care about you.
  3. Share wisdom with family members by teaching them their history before you leave this earth.
  4. Teach your family about "Old Folks Remedies."
  5. Start a "Garden Club" and help families gain access to good, clean organic foods by starting home, school,or community gardens, food co-ops or food coalitions.