Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding Your 'True Purpose'

You Can Sit Back and Watch as the World Goes By --
Or You Can Find Opportunities to Make it Better! 
Cathy Harris

I was not able to write a blog post over the past couple of months because I was taking notes for Oprah's Life Class Lessons and formed my own Life Class Empowerment Discussion group on  

Last year because of Oprah's life classes I started my blog "Cathy's Purposeful Life Journey Blog" to document my life' journey. I do believe because of the life class lessons this year, I realized that I needed to get involved again in politics.

I realized that politics and economic empowerment goes hand-in-hand and if we are going to change the conditions in the community, we need to educate everyone about how things operated -especially politics. So I released a new e-book "Politics 101: How To Win Your Political Seat" and launched a new campaign "Campaign to Elect Honest Politicians."

During the life classes Iyanla Vanzant was at the top of her game and this sister has surely come back a long way. After losing her daughter to cancer then losing herself -she has definitely recovered with a strong message on "Stopping the Pain."

Over 70% of the audience members responded in that life class that they were in pain. Many people are in pain but they just don't know how to cure their pain. Like Iyanla said --they turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. and other destructive ways and for many they fall into years of depression.
I especially liked the message she gave about how we say things such as "Don't say you are broke" --instead say "I am temporarily out of cash" and for single mothers --stop saying you are single mothers --instead say "I am raising children without the benefit of a partner."

To get unstuck you have to redefine and reinvent yourself. Basically most people need to understand that many of the jobs that were lost will not come back --but eventually there will be other jobs. Meanwhile everyone need to look at their own talents and passions and reinvent themselves. This is a great time to look at starting your own business, going back to school and getting into another field.

Tony Robbins has always been one of my 'favorite' motivational speakers. Tony talked about "Living Fearlessly/Living Courageously." I know living fearlessly and courageously worked for me. As a former whistleblower "The Cathy Harris Story: A Whistleblower's Victorious Journey to Justice" --
I have had to carry that title with me for many years. Your story can be one of 'defeat' or 'victory' and for me it was a "VICTORY!"

Like Iyanla -- Tony talked about why we needed to 'divorce the story' that we have been carrying around for years and create new stories. Create stories that empowers -- instead of putting you into 'victimhood.'

Women affirm women instead challenging them. People need to be challenged! Sisters need to step out of 'sistahood' and find someone who has mastered their 'fear.' This made me look at the women in my life in a new light especially my two daughters and challenge them even more.

I do believe in strategies because if you don't have a strategy for your life --then you are just drifting through life. Having a 'breakthrough' means creating a new strategy for your life. You can't be afraid to fail -instead let failure be a lesson in your life!

Many people are fearful in their lives but like Tony said --you need to "Let Go and Let Life Happen." In order to create change you need to switch your fear to power. Power is nothing more than stepping out on your faith.

I was real skeptical going into the life class featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes even though I had friends who swore by the bishop's teachings and even family members who said they enjoyed him. I was a little turned off because of what had been happening around the world with some of the pastors - especially the sexual molestation of children.

Like others --I had what they call "church fear" --even though I was raised up in church in rural Georgia. As I grew older, I had found so many people who attended church regularly to be 'hypocrites' -saying one thing and doing another or a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.

Bishop Jakes' message was about living your life on purpose. You are the highest, fullest, expression of yourself. Nobody is here by mistake. There is a reason you are here. When you leave here --you want to say "I did that thing" -you lived your "life on purpose."

Everybody life matters. Everybody has a calling. Your calling is a "sense of purpose" -an inner wooing. Purpose is your "life's passion." It's what drives you everyday. Your passion will help you ride into your purpose.

His message was right on point because I was already living my life on purpose. I do believe your passion will lead to your purpose. I have always been passionate about the community and helping others so I decided to become and Empowerment and Motivational Speaker. My desire and passion to help others lead to my life' purpose --which is to continue to uplift and empower others as a speaker and author.

I believe the biggest message from T.D. Jakes was that you don't always fit your dream perfectly but you can "ignite" your purpose at 'any age.' Going through pain can actually help you become the person you are meant to be. Embrace the pain -then embrace your life!

I believe one of the major issues that is holding MOST people back is not being able to forgive others. True forgiveness is 'unconditional.' You let go and move on! The past is in the past, the future is not here yet --so live each day to day.

We focus so much on what we did have -- or didn't have and we don't know how to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness means to give up the grudge so you can give more love to yourself and others.

When we are not forgiving -we are blaming, resenting another human being, etc. Not forgiving is like taking poison everyday. Unforgiveness poisons you and blocks you from taking the risk to love. It robs you of your future.

Deepok Chopra was so awesome when he said there is no life without a spiritual life. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Spirituality is the essence of everything. Spirituality is an instinct, a choice, greater than yourself, consciousness, higher consciousness, spirit, openness, etc.

All your problems can be solved through spiritual solutions. Your mind is a conversation and your spirit is beyond that. You are not a prisoner of your thoughts. Most of the time people are not observing their thoughts. Thoughts come from past memories. What thoughts are you allowing to come into your life that is taking over your life? Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

For every action there is a reaction. Karma means you have to live with consequences of the actions you took in the past.

No matter what is going on in your life -don't concentrate on what you don't have. If you are grateful for what you have -you will end up with more.

Being grateful means transporting yourself into something much broader. No matter what the situation is -close your eyes and see what you are grateful for.

You have been given life which is "a gift." Gratitude is also a gift. Recognize that everything in your life is a gift to be internally grateful for.

You have to have people in your life that appreciates you. People will come in and out of your life and you need to say 'thank you.' Accept it with an 'open heart' -no matter what is going on in your life. Live, Love and Enjoy!