Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Do You in 2015

Dec. 30, 2014

by CathyHarrisSpeaks.com, Empowerment & Motivational Speaker

Too many of us are stuck in places and have not come up with definite plans of action to get unstuck.  As everyone prepare for a comeback from this mini-depression in 2015, my advice is to DO YOU IN 2015.  First you need to come totally clean with your life then figure out what will truly make you happy.

As most of you know through my business, AngelsPress.com, an empowerment and publishing company and as an Empowerment Guru, I often tell my audience to feel free to ask me any questions so that my advice can help them move forward.  A reader recently asked me how could she get national magazines to take her freelance articles. 

My response was to DO YOU IN 2015.  Because of the economy, most or many of these national magazines are about to go out of business.  Over the past few years, we have watch the quality of many of these magazines reach an all-time low.  These magazines have always catered to their advertisers who don't always have a positive message.

Essence Magazine is now white-owned and the quality of their articles have really deteriorated.  After 63 years Jet Magazine has gone from print to digital only so why are you trying to get your articles in national magazines when they are struggling to hang on by a thread?

I do believe, however, that every black household need to have a digital and paper subscription to BlackEnterprise.com.  

Technology has changed everything and we have not seen anything yet.  Since we now live in a new digital age, national magazines that have not changed their format won't survive.  So therefore, my advice to you is to DO YOU IN 2015

Since you have been gifted or been blessed with the ability to write -- then you have one of the best talents in the world.  Many people won't be able to start a business in this lifetime or express themselves simply because they don't have the ability to put their words on paper.  Not everyone can write especially since that took cursive out of most schools.

Being able to write means you can become a 'voice for the voiceless.'  So get your own audience instead of trying to get the audiences of these national magazines.  There are billions of people in the world so carve out your own niche.

A niche is a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing.  As an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker who continues to conduct extensive research and who has access to a large amount of information, I specialize in 'Self Help' and 'How To' information. 

I put this information out to my own audience in the form of articles, books (e-books, paperback books, and audiobooks), newsletters, radio shows -- The Cathy Harris Show, youtube.com postings Cathy Harris TV, teleseminars and soon webinars, and empowerment seminars and workshops at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com.

My advice to you is to stop running behind these national networks and create your own network.  With all the social media networks out there -- Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Linkedin.com, Instagram.com, Pinterest.com, Ning.com, Yahoogroups.com, Google hangouts - just to name a few, there are billions of people waiting to get your message so DO YOU IN 2015

At one time I was just as guilty as others.  When I initially became a whistleblower, TheCathyHarrisStory.com, in 1999, and because the media was the best outlet for a whistleblower, I ran behind civil rights leaders to help me keep my story in the media.  

I also ran behind media entities to help me tell my story -- until I became a civil rights leader, a freelance writer and a syndicated columnist and started writing my own line of articles to tell my own story. 

No one knew my story better than me so it was important that I told my own story initially in my first book in 2001"Flying While Black: A Whistleblower's Story" which has been revised into two books "The Cathy Harris Story: A Whistleblower's Victorious Journey to Justice" and "The Failure of Homeland In-Security: The Government's Dirty Little Secrets from an Insiderunder my own company, AngelsPress.com.

Most people spend their entire lives running behind these national networks which have readers that have literally put their lives on hold.  According to experts, over 95% of people are drifting through life and 5% is making something turn up.  So you need to decide if you will be in the 95% or the 5%. 

I am definitely in the 5%.  Get your own audience and get out there and educate people.  Even though I think it's important to form business alliances and strategic partnerships, it's important that you start off by DOING YOU.  

Many people are so desperate to be a part of something -- that they get involved in negative networks, for instance, many African Americans join groups dealing with Network and Multi-Level Marketing (aka Pyramid Schemes). 

As everyone prepare to make a comeback from this mini-depression, what we need right now is 'everyone on deck.'  Everyone with the abilities to educate, inform and empower need to get off the sidelines or come out of the shadows and create their own empowerment networks.

We need mobile training centers, empowerment institutes, non-fiction book clubs, Let's Read Campaigns, etc. and every home, car, and office must literally become a learning center.  
In your home it's imperative that you listen to FREE teleseminars, low-cost webinars, teachings on social networking sites especially on YouTube.com (Cathy Harris TV).

It's estimated that most people especially our youth watch at least 7 to 8 hours of TV everyday.  If you are not looking at discovery channel, animal channel, history channel, financial shows and other empowerment networks on TV -- then there is no reason that your TV should be on. 

Every child need to have their own reading devices versus TVs.  Amazon.com, the largest online book publishing website, have tons of FREE e-books.  

In your car you need to listen daily to empowerment audiobooks while you drive -- instead of 'booty-shaking' music.  Unlike in the past, there are very few positive radio networks out there and you can't expect the ones that are left to offer good educational shows.  It's never going to happen!

If you work in a workplace and you get 30 minutes to an hour for lunch then sit in your car or another quiet place and read books (e-books, paperbacks, audiobooks), listen to educational shows or youtube.com postings.  

Only 3% of Americans have library cards so it's imperative for everyone to get back into the library.  Go to the library at least once or twice a week and find out what your public library has for you in books (ebooks, paperbacks and audiobooks), CDs, DVDs, recycled magazines, newspapers, etc.

Just some of the ways everyone can educate themselves in a new field include -- 2 Year Community Colleges; 4 Year Colleges and Universities; Technical Schools; Adult Education Classes; Online Internet Courses; Correspondence Courses; Unemployment Offices; Small Business Administration (SBA.gov); Small Business Development Centers (SBDC); Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE.org) - just to name a few.

People learn differently but 'self-education' will be key if you plan on turning your life around.  If you are a detail-oriented person then you might do better reading books and other material to learn but if you have a hard time focusing, you will probably do better asking questions and taking notes at community classes, seminars and workshops or even listening to educational radio shows, teleseminars and webinars from your home.

Mainstream media monitors internet radio and other social media networks for their stories so these are great ways to build your own national network.

There is no white horse coming to rescue anyone.  You are the white horse -- so that person in the mirror (Y-O-U) can be your 'best friend' or your 'worst enemy' so don't forget to work on you first.  

The goal is to "Change Your Food and Change Your Life."  Because foods affects every area of your life from your mood, to your behavior, to your happiness and your enjoy quality of life -- make sure you are getting your daily dose of good, natural and raw nutrients in your diet while you clean up your environment by going totally natural from head to toe.

Then implement the 12 steps into your life at "Cathy Harris 12 Steps To Wellness" which came directly from my first health book How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)" -- so read that book.

Once you work on you -- everything around you will change.  You will be ready to live a balanced life and your brain will finally be in syn with your body and life will hand you all types of possibilities and opportunities for living a great life.  But first and foremost you have to show up in your own life and take back control of your own life and DO YOU.

You can read more empowerment blog posts at "Cathy's Purposeful Life Journey Blog."  Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Business and Self-Publishing Coach and the author of over 20 non-fiction books.  She can be contacted through her empowerment company at Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760,http://www.angelspress.com, email:info@angelspress.com.  She is available for health, business and self-publishing seminars and workshops at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com.