Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Refocus Your Energy On What Really Matters

Cathy Harris Halloween 2015 Costume
Fortune Teller/Gypsy

Your Future from Cathy Harris
"You will be extremely happy if you follow my "Campaign To Take Back America" and "Take Back Your Own Life"

Nov. 3, 2015

I am a gypsy at heart because in 2013, I left Atlanta after 20 years and spent one year on the road with a "National Humanitarian Tour" and visited 15 states, which was a lifelong dream of mine. 

And because of my travels, I have been able to bring even more joy and happiness into my life. You can read more about my travels in an upcoming book "My Year On The Road: How I Found True Happiness by Living My Dreams - Eat, Pray, Drive.

Are you ready to refocus your energy and look at the things that truly matters in your life?  I have a lot to report on for the month of October 2015. Finally my community events slowed down so I can sit back and write this post. 

October was an extremely busy month for me.  Not only was October 6, 2015, my 59th birthday, but around that same time, I launched a "Campaign to Take Back America" -- where I will be providing weekly lesson/action plans for my online audience and "Virtual Training Centers for Women" - through e-newsletters, The Cathy Harris ShowCathy Harris TV and webinars/teleseminars.

The Campaign To Take Back America" starts with you taking back your own life.  No it's not about taking back America from the Government, Corporations, Republicans, etc. or Stopping the War but it's about you becoming in control of your own life again.

Read the weekly lesson/action plans at www.CathyHarrisSpeaks.com and make these positive changes in your life.  It is not my goal to overwhelm you.  I am simply offering easy to set-up lesson/action plans for you and your entire family:
  • Action Plan 1: Form Positive Communities by Using Meetup.com in Your City.
  • Action Plan 2:  Join a Non-GMO Health Movement.  Pay attention...the Senate has not yet voted on whether to label foods as GMOs so you still have time to contact your Senators.
  • Action Plan 3: Walk Away from Network and Multi-Level Marketing Ventures.
I feel inspired around my birthday and usually sit back to see which direction my life is headed in.  I look back on all my accomplishments over the past year and set one year goals for the next year.

It's such a beautiful time of the year when the weather cools off and the leaves start turning red, brown and orange and falls to the ground.  I absolutely love this time of year and I probably love Halloween because it falls in the month of my birthday.

It's a time for new beginnings.  Anything is possible as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season -- then of course New Year.  

So with 60 days/2 months before the New Year, now is the time for everyone to refocus their energy to start now working on their "To Do List" or "Goal Setting List" for next year -- 2016.
You missed a treat if you missed the Texas Metaphysical FairSunday, Oct. 18, 2015, in Killeen, TX, where Fort Hood, one of the largest military bases in the U.S. is located.  And as you know our military really need healing.

I have only been in Austin, TX for 16 months but I am really getting entrenched in Austin's Metaphysical World.  Not only was Oct. 18, 2015, my first Metaphysical Fair, but I was a participant as a Non-GMO Holistic and Natural Healer.  

So when you think of metaphysical, it is about learning the truth about the universe but not just the universe but about your own life.  

To me metaphysical goes hand in hand with spirituality and spirituality is about working on your own self - mind, body and soul.  

In Austin, TX you can throw a stone and hit an "Energy Healer" so it's a large community of energy healers.  So even my work as a Non-GMO Holistic and Natural Healer, could be considered energy work. 

Because of the fair my life has forever changed and now I am looking into entrenching myself even more into the teachings of the metaphysical community. 

A while back I attended a Numerology class and the good thing is, the instructor provided opportunities for us to work with her one-on-one and she also provided a list of books for us to conduct our own research. 
And in a couple of weeks, I will be attending a class to learn more about Angels.  There is a reason I named my Empowerment/Publishing Company, AngelsPress.com, over 10 years ago but until now, I did not have the clarity on why I did some things in my life back then. 

I have always enjoyed the metaphysical world and not just because my daughter has taken classes to learn more about becoming a psychic but for years when growing up, I was fascinated with my horoscope and back then I knew something more was happening to me but I could never explain it until now.   
The clarity that I have received by attending my first Metaphysical event, has really brought my life into alignment and I am so excited about all the possibilities that my life has to offer not just for my clients and customers in my business but my own personal life.  

If you have never attended one of these events, then you should sign up for the next one in Jan. 2016 in Killeen, TX or other metaphysical events in your city or look for upcoming events in Austin, TX. 

Many of these events are online, especially on the meetup.com groups and many Metaphysical experts are working with clients by skype and other ways.  So if you are intrigued like me, then check it out.  Is it something bigger than you in the universe?