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Happy New Year - 2017

Happy New Year 

60 is the New 30
Cathy Harris
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Put Your Health First This Year

Jan. 2, 2017

By Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris,

Biggest New Year Mistake

The biggest mistake most people make during the New Year is not setting New Year goals. Many figure by the time New Year rolls around, if they don't have an action plan, then it's already too late -- which is definitely not the case.  And if you have this type of mindset, you will have a hard time getting to where you need to be in your life.

I was recently talking to a fellow business owner that I respect very much and when I told him, he needed to put his health first because "Your Health Is Your Wealth" and"You Can't Be Wealthy - Unless You Are Healthy", his reply was, I will get healthy when I get rich. 

To me this was nothing but a defeatist attitude and if you think like this, again, it will be hard to move forward and get to where you are really trying to go in your life.

At one point in my life when I was conducting a lot of research, I ran across a story about an ice cream baron. His grandfather had built one of the most successful ice cream businesses in this country, and of course as the heir, he inherited the business. 

But basically, he talked about growing up as a kid and how he was always sick because he constantly ate ice cream, which has tons of bad ingredients including milk, sugars, red and yellow dye, vegetable fat, etc. -- all types of ingredients that most people will probably be allergic too.

It's All About Balance

So sometimes I read stories or run across people, where I am often reminded that I have to stay on track with my own health, especially after becoming housebound and bedridden, from heavy metals in my food and environment, when I turned 50  years old in 2008. 

The goal going into the New Year is to look at your health, your family/financial life and business/career -- and spend the same amount of time on each...however...always put your health first.

Even now I am still reminded that I have to put my health first. Sometimes as women we put too much on our plates and many women today -- have a need to please. Remember this is your life and the only person you need to please is -- yourself.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving 2016, as a business owner, I had several deals and events in motion in Dallas-Fort Worth, where I was currently living.  But instead of moving forward with these events like I had planned, I found myself taking events off my schedule and just dropping out of sight for a minute.

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down

What had happened was - I had one of the worse cases of flu -- ever. I hadn't been that sick since 10 years ago, when I had the heavy metal poisoning.  My doctor was in Austin and I was in Dallas, however, I could have easily went to the in Dallas, but have you ever been so sick, that you were too sick to even get out of bed to go to the doctor -- well that was my story. 

I thought with "over-the-counter" medications, I could just handle the symptoms myself. However, I spent close to 4 weeks or longer fighting off this illness. 

Never Take Your Eye Off the Government

When I finally felt better, I did go back to Austin tofinish recuperating in my own home with my mate, who also had the same illness. Not only did I have a prolonged cough, which lasted for days, I also lost my voice for over 10 days and for a speaker, that can be devastating, especially if you have an event where you have to speak. 

For a minute I thought someone had come into my apartment in Dallas and put something in my refrigerator.  Did you know per the "Patriot Act," a U.S. law enacted in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, which gave law enforcement officials greater abilities to tap telephones and track Internet users, also called "The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001" - has now given the government even more power to enter your home.

They can put recording devices and cameras inyour home and many times they can also poison foods in your fridge. They force apartment managers to sign written agreements that if they tell you that they were there, they would face charges.

Yes this is the "Patriot Act" that was passed many, many, years ago and many people don't even know the government has the power to do this. 

Never Forget Where You Came From

As a former whistleblower "The Cathy Harris Story," I know the government still keeps tabs on me. I am in no way naive or paranoid about my situation but I am also not stupid. 

I know exactly how the government works, after all I spent close to 30 years working for them at the U.S. Army, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Housing and Urban Development and then with the U.S. Customs Service, now called "Customs and Border Protection."

Boost Your Immune System

I started not to write this article because manypeople will think -- well how is she going to tell others how to get healthy and stay healthy as a holistic and natural healer, when she is still getting sick her ownself? 

But remember I just turned 60 years old and chances are I wore my immune system down over the last few months moving from Austin to Dallas, maintaining two households, preparing for my 60thbirthday, thencelebrating my favorite day of the year, which was Halloween, and many times, the older you are, the weaker your immune system will be, so it's important more than ever to boost your immune system by eating good foods, drinking good water, breathing clean air, especially in your home, using natural body products, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest.

Get Ready for a Nation of Sickness Especially Our Children

With all the aerial spraying today, there is no telling

what kinds of diseases or illnesses everyone is getting ready to come down with. Also don't forget that there are over 1,000 communities across the U.S. with 4 times the lead poisoning of Flint, MI and 2017 is theyear that the government will start microchipping everyone, starting with the  disabled . So this is how they will microchip everyone including people with bi-polar disorder, ADHD, Alzheimers, autism, etc. 

Everyone really need to look at what they are eating in 2017 and beyond. Remember that you can remove a lot of the affects of GMOs out of your system by engaging in regular detoxification 
programs for your colon, liver, and kidneys, which are the detoxification organs of the body.

However, if you continue to eat Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), especially processed foods, which has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE, there is no way to avoid eating pesticides and herbicides, which are poisons and heavy metals, which causes brain issues such as brain cancer, mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, memory loss, brain fog, autism, Alzheimers, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), etc.  So it looks like you will definitely be a candidate to get microchipped. 

What's so unfortunate is the police or anyone can say you are disabled and put a tracking device on you so get ready for a real POLICE STATE . Many of us heard about this microchipping program 10 years ago but we never thought it would happen. 

Now as much as I love President Obama and his family, we should never forget that if he had not bailed out the car and banking industry, we would have had a "full-blown" depression - so he should be congratulated for that. 

Not only is Trump a "bigot" but check out this interview with President Obama and Donald Trump talking about their daughters. For the first time ever we have an "openly" sexual deviant in the white house. No sane father would have ever said these things about his daughter -- and some of you voted for this pervert. 

Despite President Obama making many accomplishments,  a lot of these atrocities today, did take 
place on "President Obama's 8 year watch" and has opened the door to even greater future catastrophes such as the spread of GMOs with the passage of the "Dark Act" in July 2016;  HPV (Gardasil) injury scandals; mandatory vaccinationlaws spreading across the U.S., which is helping to depopulate the planet; increasing allowable public exposure to radioactivity to levels thousands of times above the maximum limits of the "Safe Drinking Water Act"  -- just to name a few.

I am writing this article as a warning to everyone, especially those in high-profile positions, like myself, those who have become voices forothers, especially former whistleblowers, t here are some very sinister forcesout there today, especially since the latest election so just hold ontight and take care of each other.

Many people are wandering if the last couple of months have been something out of the twilight zone. No it's as real as can be. 

I don't know about you but the only words I want to hear this year is "IMPEACH TRUMP." Meanwhile, let's "BOYCOTT THE INAUGURATION" on Jan. 20, 2017 by wearing black and not watching the inauguration.Make this a day of mourning for this entire country. Happy New Year!!!

Love you always,

Cathy Harris, Speaker, Author, Coach
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