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The Day My Medical Doctor (MD) Admitted the Truth About the Medical Industry

Mar. 3, 2016 by Cathy Harris 

Glaucoma is a disease that many African Americans are at risk of having, especially if they have family history. 

A few years back, a civilian doctor, an eye specialist, told me I was at risk for glaucoma because the veins at the back of my eyes looked compromised. 

If these veins in the back of your eyes shrink to an unhealthy size, then you are risking going blind. So he left me with a gut-wrenching decision of getting on medications or treating myself holistically with a proper diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and regular detoxifications.

Holistic healing unlike Western Medicine, treats the entire individual.  I knew that eating green foods, which builds your body and antioxidant foods, the blue, purple, red, yellow and orange foods, which helps regrow your cells and eating foods in as natural forms as possible (juiced, steamed, blended) - could actually heal any type of health issue because "Your foods are your medicine."

I knew that eye health was connected to an organ, my liver, so if I could get my liver in better shape by using a holistic approach, then there was a good chance that my eyes would improve and that is what happened.

What's unfortunate is that many people don't know much about the liver at all - except that drinking too much alcohol can damage it. 

They don't know that the liver is the largest detoxification organ in the body and that most people's livers today are only operating at 30% because of toxic GMO processed foods and living in toxic environments inside of their homes.

I knew that doctors do everything they can to put patients on medications so r isking going blind, instead of getting on the medication, which was eye drops, I decided to treat myself holistically through my diet, exercise, rest and through regular detoxifications.

When I conducted research about what would have happened if I had started using the eye drops, I found out that if I had allowed the doctor to put me on the drops, my good cholesterol, HDL, would go down, which meant, I would end up on more medications.  

So you can see how medications really work. Once you get on one medication, because of side effects, you will end up on more medications.  

People are always telling me that I have one of those approachable attitudes. I always try to have a smile on my face and absolutely love meeting and greeting new people.

It probably stems from working over 20 years in the U.S. Customs Service, when we had to greet international travelers as they came into this country and many of them for the first time. So we always had to have a smile on our faces.

Before using my VA benefits and dealing with VA doctors, my primary doctor, an internist, a civilian doctor of 10 years, made a chilling statement to me. 

He was African American, about 48 years old and always saw me reading books on natural and holistic health healing, while I waited in his office for my regular checkups. 

He had commented on a couple of occasions that I was on the right track by reading the books and that the information in the books is what will actually be able to save my life. 

I thought it was strange for an MD to make a statement supporting the natural and holistic community, however, I always had the feeling that this was an "out of the box" doctor.

We had held some great conversations about life and things that were happening today. But one day out of the blue he stated to me"Ms. Harris, We Only Exist to Keep People on Medications." And I am sick of it and I wish I could blow the whistle on the entire industry. The medications out here today is killing people and again I am sick of it. Then he stated, "I have never switched medications in the past 20 years even when the pharmaceutical reps brings around new medications."

This was a profound statement made by a Medical Doctor (MD), not a doctor with a Ph.D but a Medical Doctor, who would have been more believable if he had come forward. I already knew this but this doctor risked it all to make this statement to me.

You see he knew that I was a whistleblower and had watched my story "The Cathy Harris Story," unfold on TV in Atlanta, GA, some years earlier.

So I always have had others trying to expose their industries by blowing the whistle to me and this is why I have access to a ton of info, especially when it comes to your health. 

As part of the American Whistleblower Tour, I have sat on panels with the Plan B Whistleblower, FDA, EPA, USDA, VA, Meat Industry and Peanut Whistleblowers and many other food industry whistleblowers.

If this Medical Doctor had come forward, his livelihood, like most whistleblowers today, would be over. But I hope most of you can take away the real message from this article -- that there are remedies and cures for any ailment in holistic and natural communities, which are located in every city.

You should also take away the fact that once you get on medications, chances are you will end up on even more medications and that the medications out here today are ending the lives of many, many people.

Most people over the age of 65 are on at least 5 medications and many seniors are on 3 to 4 medications -- just for high blood pressure.

With high blood pressure, doctors don't even bother to take you off the medications, they just put you on more. 

Medications causes your organs to give out and heart disease (heart failure/organ failure) is the number one cause of death in this country.

Cancer is number 2 (Number one for children under age 15), and Diabetes is number 3 (Diabetes is number 1 in the African American Community) and the reasons they have those long "warning messages" after TV commercials introducing you to medications is because many people are dying in this country from prescription overdose, especially in emergency rooms. So I would say that prescription overdose is the 4th reason that most people die in this country.

Even the pharmaceutical reps that brings medications around to doctor's offices and hospitals, avoid medications because like doctors, they know that medications are killing many, many, many people today. So don't forget that "Your foods are your medicine."

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