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Cathy Harris Comes Clean On An Eye Issue - How Western Medicine Almost Blinded Me

April 1, 2016


In 2015, my motto was "It's Time to Come Clean in 2015" - however, I always like sharing the truth with my waiting audience.

One of the most greatest thrills a reader can have as they go gracefully into their golden years, is to be able to read a book. However, many Seniors today are facing blindness. 

Not only is reading a book one of the greatest pleasures that one can have in their lives, Seniors would like to keep their independence by continuing to drive cars, however, many Seniors have to park their cars, especially at nighttime because they cannot see. 

Blindness is indeed a major issue today, not just for Seniors, but many kids in schools can't see the bulletin boards and many parents don't even know to get their children's eyes checked, especially families that live in low-income communities.

I will never forget the day when my youngest daughter told me, "Mom tell the teacher to stop writing with colored chalk."  What she was telling me is that she couldn't see the bulletin board and that she needed to be checked to see if she needed glasses. 

I had never worn glasses so it did not occur to me to have my two daughter's eyes checked. At 59 I wear bifocals for reading and writing but I can see fine otherwise. I have no issue driving at nighttime but I have friends who refuses to get behind the wheel at nighttime.

My ex and my daughter's father did wear glasses so because they had a parent that wore glasses, I should have known to get their eyes checked at an early age.

After taking my daughters in to get their eyes checked, they both started wearing glasses before the age of 10, so parents get your kids eyes checked.  

Not only did they start wearing glasses but I made sure that their teachers knew to sit both of them closer to the front of the room. I believe this alone helped me raise smart, talented and responsible children, who was always good students that excelled in their studies.

Not only did they both go on and get their Master's Degrees but they both became business owners in their early 20s.
India was the testing ground for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and this country has the highest blind population in the world, so GMOs can probably be contributed today to many Seniors and others going blind.

In the last e-newsletter in March 2016, I mentioned what happened to me when I was diagnosed with glaucoma and how I was able to heal my ownself holistically, through my diet, exercising, sleep and detoxification, instead of going on medication.

But today I want to mention another issue that was also related to my eyes a few years later. I never had any more issues with glaucoma and even today, doctors are telling me that the veins in the back of my eyes looks great.

However, I had another eye issue, 3 years ago. Before now I felt I could not mention this issue because I wanted to make sure it had been addressed fully and I was on my way to recovery from what happened. 

I never want my waiting audience to look at me as a victim but instead as an Empowerment Speaker, that will educate, inform and empower the masses. There is a lesson in all stories and you have to tell your story from a position of power - not defeat.

Back in January 2013, I left Atlanta after 20 years, only a few weeks after my car was almost stolen twice, so this time had been very stressful for me.

I did not leave solely because of the attempted car thiefs but it was one of my main decisions after realizing that the area of city I was living in, had become a crime-infested area.  

After 5 years most communities will deteriorate unless the community demands that politicians allocate funds for the upkeep.

Anyway, after leaving the city, for a 15 state tour, my first stop was Detroit, MI. It was my intentions to spend an entire year on the road, which I eventually did.

However, at the beginning of my tour, I woke up one morning and could not see out of my right eye. It was like a fingerprint was over my eye so I sought out help from the VA hospital in Detroit, Michigan. 

Luckily my first stop on the tour was my daughter's state so she drove me to an appointment. I felt really comfortable with the eye specialist that was assigned to my case.  

He said I had had an "eye stroke" and that basically because of what had happened to me, I should have had diabetes - not just diabetes but a bad case of diabetes.

When you hear the word that you have had any kind of stroke, it's really scary. The first question out of my mouth was "Am I At Risk for a Stroke of the Brain?" 

Most strokes can be mild or acute.  Acute strokes arenow a treatable condition that warrants urgent specialist attention. Drug treatment and specialist care both influence survival and recovery -- so the sooner you get to the emergency room after a stroke, the best chance you will have of survival. 

However, many stokes can leave many people unable to speak and sometimes even paralyzed on their left side, where many will end up in nursing homes.

And no one want to go blind from a stroke so the situation was pretty scary. Weeks earlier I had felt a slight pain throughout my face on the right side, where the stroke occurred so I guess there was an issue with blood restriction to my eyes.

However, aside from the stressful few weeks in Atlanta dealing with the car thiefs, at age 56, I was in pretty good shape and have never had diabetes and for the past few years, none of my numbers were ever out of range -- so what happened to me was a complete mystery.  

It puzzled me so of course I had to figure out why this had happened to me. After deep thought and concentration on what could have caused this problem, I finally contributed it to having a complete (total) hysterectomy a few years earlier.  

Once you have a "complete" or "total" hysterectomy, you are at risk for heart disease, Alzheimers and Osteoporosis, so again ladies never undergo this procedure. Always keep at least one ovary. I had had the procedure at the young age of 48.

This could also be why many nursing homes today are filled with Alzheimer's patients because of how they use to give unnecessary and unwarranted hysterectomies years earlier. They are even calling Alzheimer's "Type 3 Diabetes."

I am glad to announce it's been 3 years since my eye stroke and at 59, I was able to regain at least 95% of my eye sight back. 

At the time the treatment was for the doctor to stick a needle in my eye to break up the blood vessels or I could just wait for everything to go back to normal -- so of course I elected to wait until the blood vessels dispersed on their own.

My eyesight starting returning pretty quickly after it happened without any medications and no medical procedures. However, I helped it by continuing to eat good foods, exercising and getting plenty of rest, and even engaging in detox programs, despite being on tour on the road. 

Today I also take Vitamin E and the herb Gingko Biloboa, every 3 or 4 days, which are blood thinners that helps with circulation throughout my body -- so hopefully I won't have this problem again.

However, you have to be careful with blood thinners, especially if you are on any other blood thinning medications, "over-the-counter" or "prescribed" or any type of other medication because if you have any type of injury, you could bleed out. 

So if you are ever admitted to an emergency room or is scheduled for a surgery, it's imperative to tell a doctor that you are on blood thinning medications or supplements.

But I am not on any medications and I rarely ever take anything over the counter.  After a couple of weeks of rest, I was raring to get out there -- so I started holding events in Detroit then I branched out to Ohio and other states and the rest is history. 

What if my condition had kept me from living my dreams? I had always wanted to put all my belongings in storage and just hit the road. I believe everything in life happens for a reason and I believe this happened to me so I could continue to be a voice for women -- everywhere.

Holistic medicine is under attack today by the government and many believe in the future that holistic healers will be totally put out of business but I will never stop sounding the horn on Western Medicine and how you can have repercussions years later after unnecessary procedures.

Five years after I had my complete hysterectomy, I realized I should have never allowed doctors to do this to me but basically I woke up too late and now I have to deal with the consequences. 

The message in this article is to learn everything you can before going under the knife for any procedure. Learn everything you can about how the human body actually operates and you can start by reading my first health book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" - available as an e-book and paperback.

Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self-Publishing and Business Coach and author of 22 non-fiction books, including 4 health books. She is available for seminars, workshops, webinars and coaching at

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