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New Book Release - Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours

New Book Release

Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours

Available as an e-book & paperback

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Singles Over 50 Love Issues
  • Still Hoping and Searching for Love
  • Dating A Younger Man
  • True Love - But Two Households
  • Mate Won't Destroy Sex Tape
  • In Love With Friend's Ex
  • New Mate Too Clingy
  • In Abusive Relationship
  • Mate is the Jealous Type
  • Dating Outside My Race
  • Bald Men Make Better Lovers
  • Getting Breast Implants for Mate
Section 2 - Couples Over 50 Love Issues
  • Sick of Being Sexless in Seattle
  • Wife Seeks More Intimacy
  • Couple Need to Shop Online
  • Husband Left Along on New Years
  • Husband Can't Say He Loves Wife
  • Married to a Homebody
  • Senior Couple Dislike Seniors
  • Mate Won't Give Up Closet Space
  • End of Dancing Days
  • Wife Attracted to Other Women
  • Mate Avoids Intimate Conversations
  • When Is It Time To Move On?
  • Leaving Financially Secure Mate
Section 3 - Health Issues Destroying Relationships and Remedies
  • Sick and Dating
  • ED and A Younger Woman
  • Leaving Mate Because of Diet
  • Garlic Playing Havoc on Relationship
  • Toxic Household Products and Sex
  • High Blood Pressure, ED and Sex
  • Testosterone the "Love Hormone"
  • Manhood Lost to Prostate Cancer
  • Wife Has "Female Pattern Baldness"
  • Fight Off Depression
  • Painful Menstrual Cramps
  • Unbearable Hot Flashes
  • Hysterectomy Ends Sex Life
  • Treat Husband for Yeast Infection
  • Controlling Outbreaks of Herpes, Shingles and Urinary Tract Infections
  • Viagra Side Effects
  • Supplements Raises Sexual Desires
  • Seeking Sexual Activity Through Diet
  • Healthier Enough for Sex
About the Author

Preface - A Note To The Reader

This is probably the most difficult book I have ever written. A couple of years ago I became a " Love Coach" and started advising others including couples at .

When I first thought about becoming a "Love Coach," I had my doubts about my abilities to motivate people, who were seeking their soulmates.

However, I have known my entire life that I have the ability to bring people together and to let them look at all the possibilities and opportunities, that their lives have to offer.

I would like for everyone to know upfront that this book is not some x-rated book, that will offer you different positions to please your lover in bed.

Instead, it's a book about answering all those too intriguing and important questions, that men and women have about each other as they age.

It's about finding a suitable spouse, partner, mate, significant other or someone that you can enjoy your life with. And mostly, it's about facing the facts in your own life.

I wrote this book because I spent close to 30 years working in a male dominated industry, where my co-workers would ask me all types of questions about their wives or mates. They even called me "Dr. Ruth."

Even after a short marriage and being single for many years, I still knew what went on in most relationships and what it took to make them work.

Everyone would like to have a life companion, someone exciting to walk into the sunset with for their remaining years. But if it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean you are not living a worthy life.

Many couples don't want to talk about what it really takes to stay together. Many would rather hide what's obviously broken in their relationships, so that they can go on pretending it doesn't matter.

This results in many years of being unfulfilled and unsatisfied in their relationships. All of it matters, if they ever plan on having a meaningful relationship, or if they ever plan on creating the type of life that they can truly love.

Excerpt from Book:

Ending Message To Singles:
I know it will be mostly women reading this book. So my ending message is to all women, especially single women.

I was single for years after a short marriage that produced two gorgeous daughters. I am now in the third act of my life. The first 30 years was the first act and the second 30 years was the second act.

As I turn 60 years old in October 2016, this is the last act of my life and I have to get it right. Therefore, I am looking forward to all that life has to offer, whether I am single or in a relationship.

Single women need to stop saying that they are going to wait until they get married to travel the world, or wait until they get married to buy their dream home and other luxuries of life, that they truly desire.

If you truly desire to do these things, then don't wait. If you continue to wait for a mate to live your dreams, then you might not never live your dreams.

And don't forget that many times, it will be your mate that will zap your energy and vitality and keep you from living your dreams.

But because you have lived your dreams when your mate shows up in your life, or if you meet him, while you are out there living your dreams, you will be ready for him.

However, what you also need to understand is that sometimes it might be meant for you to travel this world alone -- without a mate. It does not mean that you are not worthy, and that you are not living a worthy life.

I have spoken to tons of disgruntled single women, who have homes. They spend every dime they have on these big, lonely, empty, homes and can't do anything else, but pay the mortgage, keep the lights on, and buy toxic GMO processed foods.

Instead, they need to sell these homes and downsize and get out there and eat good food and have fun. Be courageous and step out on your faith. When you get older, you especially need to downsize.

Stop being in love with things and fall in love with your brains first and eat good brain foods and take brain supplements. By doing this, it will help you make better decisions in your life, and bring more happiness into your life, especially as you go into your golden years.

So spend money on your insides, instead of your outsides. Once you fall in love with your brains, you will have more options and choices in your life.

Happiness is an inside job and women need to stop making excuses why they can't buy organic foods, which will give them more energy and vitality, while keeping down doctor's visits.

Some women buy all these beautiful things around them, then they have to cry themselves to sleep at night, because they are all alone and just unhappy. They don't have anything else but expensive things around them.

Some spend hours on the phone gossiping, criticizing and complaining or looking at television, when their homes could literally become learning centers, where they can empower themselves and their families to build a new life.

You need to put all that sexual energy into something else -- a hobby, a business or travel. The goal is to figure out your true purpose and get out there and live it before you leave this earth.

Do the things that you were truly put on this earth to do and have fun doing it. Again, nothing is etched in stone in your life.

And never forget that no one can complete you, but you, which means only you can carve out the type of life that you truly desire.

Ending Message to Couples:
I believe there are 4 areas which couples need to build around -- Love, Communication, Trust and Respect.

There must be love in the first place in order for you to be in someone's life; You must be able to communicate everyday of your relationship, which means no words should be left unsaid; You must have trust that when the both of you get out of bed everyday, the other person will put the other person's needs first - always; and respect is very important because once couples start losing respect for each other, everything changes and not for the better.

5 Points To Remember:
There are 5 points that everyone need to understand when it comes to relationships:

-Don't try to commit yourself to a person, who is obviously not ready for you to be in their life. When it is time, it will or won't happen.

-If you are in a relationship where your partner devalues who you are, then move on. Ladies never forget that "one man's loss is another man's treasure,"so if you are being mistreated, chances are another man will probably treat you like the queen that you are.

-Guys when you see that woman and you know she is a queen, don't spend an entire lifetime getting with her. Always keep her close and make her a part of your life, before you lose her to another man. If you know that she is special, then other men will know that also.

-Don't put your dreams on hold waiting for the right person to come into your life. Get out there and live your dreams!

-Be grateful for all your life experiences, whether you are walking this earth with a mate or alone. Love every minute of your life!

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