Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Book, New City, Brings New Dreams and Aspirations

New Book, New City, Brings New Dreams and Aspirations

June 1, 2016

As much as I would love to get off the grid for a while and disappear and just work on me, as a former U.S. Customs Service whistleblower, I know this is not possible, so in order to protect myself, I always stay in front of others via family, internet and community.

As a Speaker, Author and Coach, like always I have to hit the ground running when I move to a new city, while I stay in front of my new waiting audience.

It's all about balance and to me balance means "Doing Everything Equally." I get so excited when I move to a new city. Moving to a new city with a new product or service, automatically levels the playing field for any business owner.

Therefore, I am proud to announce that I am now a resident of Dallas, TX and my new book "Love After 50: Love Questions from After Hours" is now released as a paperback and e-book.

It is book number 23 for me at ( 23 e-books, 15 paperbacks, 3 audiobooks) and I am so proud of this book.

With this book I gained a new title. Now I am also a"Love Coach." At this point in my career and life, I wasn't looking for another title, however, sex sells in this country and everyone wants to be in love.

At age 59, if I was in my 40s, I would probably start my own dating service because again, people do want to meet their true loves or soulmates.

Many people are hooking up today on social media especially on the groups, so this is also another reason I have 9 of these groups at

My latest book release "Love After 50" is another 'easy-to-read' guide that will allow my readers to take a close look into their own relationships and discover the truth about themselves.
When I usually move to a new city for me it's one door opening and another one closing. A world of opportunities and possibilities will present themselves before you.

However, opportunity will not just knock at your door. Only you can get out there and seek out these opportunities that can bring you even more peace, joy and happiness into your life.

The below is a checklist that I have put together for my new city. I will probably follow the steps pretty closely, so for those of you who will be relocating to another city or who is thinking about relocating...and you have a product to sell or a service to provide, check out my list of what to do when moving to another city:

  • Move in and Organize New Place with a Good Mattress for Sleeping 
  • Find Health and Wholefood Stores at 
  • Find Workout Groups and Locate Gyms (They have apps for these) 
  • Open New Business P.O. Box 
  • Obtain New Advertising Material (Business cards, flyers, brochures, t-shirts, magnetic car signs, etc.) 
  • Retrieve Names of Local Media (talk radio, print news, etc.) and Send Out Press Releases and Media Kit 
  • Attend and Monitor Local Meetings for Venues, Collect Emails and Ask About Locations to Hold Business Events (Book Club Meetings, GMO Movie Screenings, Health, Writing, and Business Workshops and Seminars, Empowerment Boot Camps/Think Tanks/Roundtable Discussions, etc.) 
I look forward to cherishing all my new experiences in my new city with an opened heart. I love you all. Reach out today.

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