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Happy Father's Day - June 16, 2019

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Happy Father's Day - June 16, 2019  





Teach Young Men 
To  Look Out for 
Their Family

Readers Are Leaders
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Stop Sagging 

Take Pride in 
What  You Wear


Real Men Grow Foods and Take Care of 
Their Families


5 Black Male Farmers Discuss Disparities in the Farming Industry on  "The Cathy Harris Show" -  June 2018

Two Gardening Books To Buy

"Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start A Home, School or Community Garden, Food 
Co-op or Food Coalition" 
(Available as an e-book and paperback)

"Green Thumb At 60: How I Started My Own Gardening Journey With Raised Beds and Pots and Containers"
(Available as an e-book and paperback book)

Excerpts from Books:

How I Stayed Motivated To Keep Growing Foods for One Year in my 
"One Year Gardening Journey"
Most of you saw 'first-hand' in my gardening journey, what I did to stay motivated and to become a successful gardener such as:
  • Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.
  • Got Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor.
  • Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club "Cathy Harris Garden Club"( and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.
  • Released Gardening Books: By the time my "One Year Gardening Journey" was over, I had released both of the above gardening books so release products around your gardening journey. 
  • Launched A National Tour: As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I launched a national tour "The Cathy Harris Tour," around the release of my books and a national food campaign "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" and visited 8 cities.
  • Created A National Gardening Movement: I created a new national movement around growing my own foods at "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs"( and educated my online community.
  • Launched National Masterminds: I started my own monthly Mastermind, Think Tank and Classroom meetings and training platforms around growing foods. 

Why First-Time Gardeners Give Up

Whether you are growing foods in the ground, in gardens, in raised bed gardens, farming using permaculture or aquaponics , or growing foods in pots and containers in or outside of your home, or using some other method of growing foods, only you can decide which is  best for you.
For us we plan on sticking with raised beds and growing foods in pots and containers. What is quite alarming is that over  40% of people  choose not to garden after the first year.
This is probably because:
  • No Harvest: In many cases it's probably because their crops did not yield any harvest so they gave up. They probably did not conduct enough research in the first place. Gardening is just like starting a business, you need a mentor (coach or consultant), where you can ask questions so you can avoid some of the critical mistakes.  
  • Did Not Have Enough Space: Many backyards have too many trees, which provide shade, but if you grow foods in the ground or in raised bed gardens, you need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, especially for summer crops. So everyone need to be strategic and then choose to grow foods at community gardens ($20 a month), or in pots or containers in or outside of their homes (on your patio, balcony, rooftop, porch, kitchen or another room with grow lights). The goal is not to let the space issue deter your dream of growing your own foods. If you don't have a homeowner's association, you can actually grow foods in front yards. Remember the story I told you about the lady that had over 100 pots and containers because she was renting, so she could not plant anything in the ground. What a great motivator! 
  • Had To Travel: Many people might be 'first-time' gardeners, but might love to travel or have to leave for emergency trips and might not have others to care for their gardens. This is why it's important to have your own drip or irrigation system. And this is something you need to plan for from the very beginning of deciding to become a gardener. 
  • Too Much Work: Many new gardeners found gardening to be hard work. I am sure many people got involved and had no idea how much work it would be, especially when they had to monitor and water the garden on a daily basis. 
  • Too Sick/Waited Too Late: For many it was too late to try to use gardening to improve their health, so they had to stop because of their health. This is very unfortunate -- so therefore, get started today. Don't let this be your story! 
Don't let any of these reasons keep you from becoming a gardener or even starting your own farm. I can't see myself giving up, not this early in the game, especially now that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I do have a  "green thumb."
Green thumb gardeners are not always born with green thumbs. They develop these by attending gardening classes, joining or forming gardening clubs ( or groups (, conducting research by reading and listening to audiobooks and viewing gardening videos, especially online on and, the two largest search websites on the internet.   
So what's going to be your excuse for not growing foods? Tons of sisters are waiting for you to come into their backyards and build these raised beds...This is a great business go

Where Did All the 
Real Men Go?

Marry Black Again
All white prom dates


PROM 2018
I can just about bet you that these young ladies who went to prom in 2018 
HALF-NAKED did not have 
fathers in their lives.


Watch Out for Pedophiles
Who Impregnants a 
11 Year Old? Pedophile

Black Kids Are Missing Today Because of 
Sex and Human Trafficking and/or 
Organ Harvesting.

Kindergartner Prom? Really?
This is not a doll. Stop dressing kids up like adults. Stop feeding the "Pedophile Industry" 
with family pictures like these  on social media. 
This dress is not appropriate for a young child.

The New Normal... 
Men Save Your 
Libido (aka  "Your Sex Drive")
Save Your Manhood!!!

After speaking and teaching on GMOs for 12 years, I am being bullied by black families because of my education around GMOs. So it's strictly up to you whether you believe this information or not. Good luck! 
Cathy Harris, National Non-GMO Food Expert
Available as E-book and Paperback Book

50 Percent of Men Age 40 and Over Can No Longer Have Sex 
Because of eating GMOs (aka "Processed Foods") over 50% of men in the U.S. can no longer have sex after age 40 and many will come down with Prostate Cancer -- the most common cancer for men. Most have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) caused by their diets (GMOs aka "Processed Foods"). 

GMOs are now also "airborne." So unless you clean up your diet by gaining access to good clean, organic foods and clean up the air quality in your home by using only natural products on your skin and to clean with -- you will end up in bad shape. 
Sisters Won't Be Mothers 
or Grandmothers
Sisters many of you won't be mothers or grandmothers because of GMOs (aka "Processed Foods"), which has populated the food supply system over the last few years
causing sterility in women  and impotence in men 

The medical industry knows what is coming down the pipeline and this is why many fertility clinics have opened up in the U.S. They are trying to stop couples from procreating (producing offsprings) and trying to depopulate  (reduce the population) of the world with GMOs, vaccines, especially flu shots.

By 2032, over half of all boys, especially black boys will have autism -- a disease that affects mostly male children. This will disrupt the entire school system. This is because: 
  • A pregnant mother's refusal to eat "organic foods" because it cost too much. However, they can grow this food in their own backyards, on balconies, patios, porches, rooftops, and in kitchens and other rooms. If you don't have homeowner's associations (HOAs), you can grow this food in your front yard.
  • Feeding your kids GMOs (aka "Processed Foods), which causes Autism because of the pesticides ("heavy metals" or "neurotoxins") added to seeds that grows these toxic, poisonous foods in labs. 
  • Mandatory vaccination laws sweeping across the U.S.. We know that vaccinations causes Autism, even the flu shot. 

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Why Aren't Real Men Working in Trade Jobs Anymore?
Black families need to stop thinking that their way out is for their child to become a basketball star, football star or a rapper. Instead there are millions of trade jobs out here standing empty. So get a trade job or start your  own business .

Skilled trade careers are those labor jobs which require specific training , such as a  carpenter, atile setter or an  electrician . Much of the labor involved with skilled trades jobs is manual work and can be physically demanding. 

List of Trade Jobs

5 Awesome 
Business Ideas 
for Men, Boys 
   (and Women)
Business Ideas
1) Gardening Coach/Consultant
2) Firearms Shooting Coach
3) Basic Mechanic Workshops for Women
4) RV Technicians and Inspectors
5) Van Builders

Become a Gardener (Gardening Coach or Gardening Consultant) 
and Teach Families How To 
Grow Foods

Check out 
"Brothers Building Gardens" initiative

Firearms Shooting Coach

If you are safety-conscious, a good shot and good at giving instructions, then a firearms/shooting coach could be a great business for you.  

Because of the economy -- people are looking for ways to stay safe especially women. You can provide your clients with professional and highly personalized guidance.  

You can offer workshops to learn how to shoot and take care of weapons -- in small groups, individual instructions, group outings and in informational seminars. 

Basic Mechanic Classes 
For Women

Did you know most women never open up the owners manuals that comes with their cars? It used to be a rite of passage for men to teach their sons all about vehicles. 

Now especially in this fallen economy, these sons need to put their skills to work. Even though cars have changed with all the new technology, there are plenty of opportunities out there for men and young males who are knowledgeable about cars. 
Men and especially young males ages 14 and older need to stop making excuses that they can't make money -- legally.  Remember when creating businesses, you want to create businesses that solves problems.  

Men and young males who are good with vehicles, can set up several potential businesses and workshops to assist women. Women will pay you at least $30 to $50 for workshops on the weekend to show their daughters what's under the hood and how to change tires.
Why All Women S hould Read 
These Two E-books at

According to car experts, African  American women pay on average at least $6,000 more for a new car than others; African American men pay $4,000 more; White women pay $2,000 more; but  White men pay $2,000 LESS.

RV Technicians and 
Inspectors Needed
The RV industry is taking off and many new RVers are not just weekenders. They are now living FULL-TIME in RVs. Therefore, there are a ton of opportunities for Certified RV Technicians and Inspectors in this industry. 

In the summertime because of the SHORTAGE ofRV  mechanics , many RVers have to wait days, weeks, and months for repair. An RV Training Academy in Athens, TX -  is a training academy outside of Dallas for people who own RVs. 

They will also help RV Technicians and RV Inspectors get their certifications and start their own businesses. La Mesa RV in Sanford, Fl also have classes for RV Technicians and RV Inspectors.These are great business opportunities for all men and women. 
Read my NEW BLOG to learn more - 
"A New Way of Living: How To Live 'The Good Life' in a Car, Van, RV, Bus, Boat, etc."

Cathy Harris 
while she teaches  from the road:
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Carpenters and Electricians for Van Builds
Many people are choosing to live in a van today. They need certified carpenters and electricians to help them set up their vans the same as an RV. We need to send our kids off to college in vans instead of paying for college dorms especially since over 80% of students no longer work in their majors. 


If I Had A Son

What You Must Do Now To 
Save Your Children

June 1, 2015

By Cathy Harris,, Advice Columnist

This is an open letter and national call to action to all black fathers to save black youths by helping them become successful business owners.  There is no blueprint to show anyone how to raise a black child but first all black fathers need to be a part of their child's life.  Read More
Cathy Harris 
Business Books
The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth And Adult Entrepreneurs
Available as E-book & Paperback

How To Take Control of Your Own Life:  
A Self-Help Guide to Starting Your Own Business (Series 2)
Available as E-book & Paperback




Health Corner   
 Prostate Cancer is Number 
One Cancer for Men
Available as E-book and Paperback



This Book Should Be in the Home of Every Black  Male Child 
in America
Book can be read by 12 year olds and above.
There are only 56 pages in this book.
Police Interactions 101: 
How To Interact With the Police 
in Your Car, On the Streets, 
In Your Home

Audiobook Available Now on:

Available as E-book & Paperback:

Available as E-book, Paperback & Audiobook

  Preface - A Note to The Reader

Do you know what to do when stopped and questioned by the police - in your car, on the streets or in your home? If you answered "NO" to this question, you need to read this book! Not only should you read this book but you should tell everyone you love and care about to read it also.

Do you trust the police? The goal is to arm yourself with the knowledge and power you need so you don't become just another victim.

Not only should young males be watchful of actions by the police but what about sexual profiling in this country? Women who often drive alone are at just a higher risk of being accosted by the police as others.

Women are just as likely to be profiled as men by local, state and federal law enforcement officers especially since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security ( in 2003.

Many women will no longer stop when directed by a police officer to pull over. Some will call 911 and ask for additional police to come to the scene and refuse to open their windows until backup police arrive.

Cops are known to rape or extort women for sex during highway pullovers. The situation is badly deteriorating. It comes as no surprise that unstable, aggressive bullies gravitate to police work, and quite a few are sexual predators.

Therefore, this book is an action plan for the entire family on what actions to take to protect themselves when driving a car, walking on the streets or in their homes.

As a business owner, community organizer and advocate, I have heard many, many stories about what the police is capable of and what they get away with. The reason for this is that most people do not understand their rights!

Advocates and activists don't trust local police agencies to self-investigate or police themselves. Nor do they trust district attorneys, grand juries, police commissions or local officials to be any more fair and impartial when investigating the police.

Many advocates don't understand that the Justice Department has always had on their books a strong arsenal of civil rights statutes to prosecute abusive police officers.

This office is equipped to dispatch their top civil rights lawyers to handle federal probes. But this will happen only if we demand it!

In the past it has taken major media attention, large scale protests and even a major riot, such as Rodney King LA riot of 1992, before the Justice Department has used its legal weapons.

Where there is evidence of sexual or racial profiling and/or police brutality, the Attorney General must send a strong message to law enforcement agencies that the Justice Department will go after lawbreakers whether they wear a "mask" or a "badge."

Not only will this book help you stay alive when you encounter a police officer, but if you are violated by the police, it provides an action plan on what steps to take to receive justice. Good luck!

Buy now from as an 
e-book, paperback and audiobook.

Real Dads Don't Let 
Their Children Grow Up 
and Go To Prison


"How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Empowering Your Family and the Entire Community" (Series 1)
Available as an ebook & paperback
This was the 1st book I wrote when I started my empowerment company,
in 2005, so this book would be a good first start if you are trying to empower yourself, your family and the 
entire community.

Table of Contents
Chaper 1: How To Survive Unemployment
Chapter 2: How To Change Careers
Chapter 3: How To Save Your Home
Chapter 4: How To Get Your Finances in Order
Chapter 5: How To Mobilize Effectively in the Community
Chapter 6: How To Become an Effective Leader in the Community
Chapter 7: How To Get Your Candidate into Office
Chapter 8: How To Get Legislation Passed
Chapter 9: How To Change the Education System
Chapter 10: How To Set Up Legal Defense Funds (Wrongful Terminations, False Imprisonment, etc.)
Chapter 11: How To Build A Presence on the Internet
Chapter 12: How To Work Effectively with the Media While Avoiding Costly Mistakes
Chapter 13: How To Launch Your Own Media Campaign on Issues You Are Passionate About
Chapter 14: How To Become a Freelance Writer
Chapter 15: How To Become A Syndicated Columnist

"How To Take Control of Your Own Life"  3-Part Book Empowerment Series
Series 1                     Series 2                 Series 3

Cathy's Business Books

All books can be read by 
12 year olds  and above at 




& Library of Knowledge  

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"A New Way of Living: How To Live 'The Good Life' in a Car, Van, RV, Bus, Boat, etc."

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